Value and Environment

The area of ​​“La Mer Blache” was created in 2014 from an existing operation.

Olive ochards have been restructured in the winter 2013-2014. These ochards are part of the Rousillon region heritage. Fig trees and pomegranates trees planting were conducted in spring 2014. This diversification of crops produced on the field has several objectives. First, the coexistence of different species leads to a better natural balance and much more diverse faunal population. Indeed, the imbalances created by monoculture over large areas lead more and more farmers to diversify their crops. Also, the risk of a difficult year due to crop failure is balanced by the presence of other fruit trees. Finally, the presence of these iconic Mediterranean cultures around the property gives an extra touch to the area to welcome you in a rich and exotic environment. That way, citrus trees and prickly pears have been planted in march 2015.

The cropping patterns and the choice of varieties grown on the estate were made primarily to promote the quality and authenticity of the products. Indeed , we believe that modern agriculture is an agriculture that respects the environment, oriented towards the quality and specificity of regional products. That is why all productions are under conversion to organic farming and the choice of crop varieties has been carefully considered in order to help you discover the best flavors of the Mediterranean.

Likewise , we favor local shops and develop eco-tourism. We are more and more people turning to humane and healthy way of life. We meet this expectation by offering you the opportunity to purchase a majority of our production on the field. You can also visit on site orchards with the farmer.

The estate is a member of the recently formed "Association des Paysans de la Mer et de la Terre" (Sea and Earth Farmers Association). It aims to bring together producers and fishermen of Argeles Sur Mer to promote the diversity and quality of our heritage. It is an association that defends farmers solidarity, local shops and authenticity , as common values ​​to the estate of "La Mer Blanche".